Foreign Policy

Learn about Gapla’s policy for interacting with foreign nations.

Policy on Conflicts

The Federated States of Gapla’s foreign policy is one that promotes peace to the world, as it aligns with its ideals. To that end, it is Gaplan foreign policy to not instigate or be the aggressor in any conflict, and to only support the side of the victim in the conflict, i.e. the one who was originally attacked. This should not be interpreted to imply that Gapla will not defend itself or its allies from its aggressors and enemies.

Policy on Recognition and Diplomacy

The Federated States of Gapla believes that widespread recognition of all eligible nations is pivotal to world practicality and peace. To that end, we recognize all states who, whether it is considered de facto or de jure by the wider international community, can demonstrate a clear control or appropriate justification, such as terra nullius, of territory and who must claim to be sovereign states. We will not recognize a state that does not meet this criteria, except under exceptional conditions at the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ discretion.

Diplomacy is a different issue than simply recognition, and we will only conduct diplomacy with recognized states. The decision on whether or not to offer diplomatic relations to a state is based on the sole discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, the Federated States of Gapla does not recognize governments, and instead recognizes states. We consider two different governments with claims to the same state to be different states, which meet the aforementioned criteria as they both claim to be states.

Gapla will use the preferred name modified to the Latin alphabet of a country, even if the version is unconventional or ethnic. However, we may add the more common name of the country, if applicable, in parenthesis. Gapla recognizes capital cities only if they are controlled by the state. If it is not controlled by the state, we recognize the administrative center(s) as the capital city or cities.