Visas and Tourism

Learn about current Gaplan visa requirements, and how you can travel to Gapla.

Visa Requirements

All countries need visas to enter the Federated States of Gapla, and holders of Gaplan passports must use a visa. Due to the fact that Gapla is not widely recognized, the passport may be rejected at nations that do not recognize Gapla.

The following countries have either tacit or de jure recognized the Federated States of Gapla and may recognize its passports or documents.

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)

The following countries are known to be possibly hostile to the presentation of Gaplan passports or documents.

Republic of Croatia (Croatia)

Visit Gapla (Obtain a Visa)

To learn about tourism options, visit the website of His Majesty’s Tourism Bureau at

The exact form to apply for a visa is at this link, located on the website of His Majesty’s Tourism Bureau. There is a 10-20 USD fee depending on the locations you wish to visit in Gapla (10 USD for one, 15 USD for two, 20 USD for three).